Aeration is a vital part of Maryland lawn care especially before seeding and this year has certainly been one of those years where seeding is necessary. The summer heat and drought has caused damage throughout the area and Pro Grass can get that lawn back into shape! Substantial rainfall has resulted in increased disease activity, which has caused noticeable damage too many areas of our lawns. The most significant damage are areas that were stressed from the heat and drought and then mowed and areas that typically remain saturated after heavy thunderstorms. These areas that hold water become quite literally “cooked” by the sun. While we cannot do anything about rain and high temperatures it is very important to not mow areas under heat or drought stress.

Aeration and overseeding will relieve soil compaction and result in better oxygen and nutrient flow to the roots of the turf. Now is the perfect time to revitalize your lawn with aeration and seeding.